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America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling & Hypnotherapy- Denver 

    Career Training & Continuing Education Mental Health

Upcoming Career and Certification Training Programs

Hypnotherapy- Career Training and Certification Program

10 Month Program- Every Other Weekend Starting October 6, 2017

Hypnotherapy Program is 500 hours in 4 parts: Master Hypnotist: Orientation to Hypnotherapy- 150 Hours, Hypnotherapist: Hypnotherapeutic Techniques- 150 Hours, Clinical Hypnotherapist: Clinical Hypnotherapy- 100 Hours, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy: Specialty Training- 100 Hours

Certificates are given at the end of each segment providing all fees and tuition has been paid in full.

HYP 101 Master Hypnotist: The Master Hypnotist Class is an introductory course in Hypnotherapy which includes the National Standards and the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association Code of Ethics.

The Course includes: Introduction and Orientation to Hypnosis, History of Hypnosis, Consciousness, the three States of Mind, the Human Brain, Guidelines for Effective suggestions, Self-Hypnosis-the Process, Myths, Basic Induction & Deepening General Principles, Levels of Trance, Guided Imagery, Suggestibility, Rules of Hypnotherapeutic change, Hypno-projective Techniques, 8 Rules of the Mind, Interview and Assessment, No Smoking Scripts and Performance Techniques, Basic Counseling and Ethics & Jurisprudence.

HYP 102 Hypnotherapist: It includes, Gestalt Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Brain Chemistry, Clinical Assessment, Leadership & Professional Development and Practicum.

HYP 103 Clinical Hypnotherapist: Students that have reached this level of expertise will complete a practicum at the school site and an internship on site.

HYP 104 Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist: The students of the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist class are given specialized training in Hypnotherapy with Children & Adolescents, Hypnotherapy with the Elderly, Hypnotherapy for the Disabled, including ADHD, Hypnotherapy for Cancer Patients, Hypnotherapy for Pain Management including Hypnotherapy for MS and Parkinson’s.

Life Coaching: Career Training and Certification Program

60 Hour Program Every other Weekend Starting August 26, 2017 Ending September 24, 2017

Cost: $995.00 

Life Coach is designed for the Beginning Coach which will be focused heavily on the coaching ethics and standards for coaching. The course is intended for the person who wants to become certified in coaching and it is 60 hours in length with all modules designed using core curriculum including onsite practicum. America’s Academy of Coaching, Counseling, and Hypnotherapy will certify you as a Life Coach at the completion of this course.