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America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling & Hypnotherapy- Denver 

    Career Training & Continuing Education Mental Health

Testimonies and Contributions to the Community

America's Academy prides itself with its mission to offer to the community at large free $150 sessions of hypnotherapy for absolutely no charge. This class of 2011 provided 109 volunteer sessions to the Metro Denver community. Their contribution was $16, 350. Congratulations class of 2011 for such dedicated service to mankind and the community at large. These sessions included children, adolescents, the disabled including learning disabilities (dyslexia), hard of hearing, vision-impaired, physically handicapped, Aspergers, Autism, multiple sclorosis patients, ADHD/ADD adults children and adolescents, patients with medical pain such as fibermyalgia, persons suffering from performance anxiety such as fear of public speaking, sports performance, etc. In addition they did smoking cessation and many sessions for panic anxiety. The 2nd Cohort, class of 2012 offered this same service and they were competing with the class of 2011 to try to beat their contribution. The winning cohort was Cohort 2 and they will get dinner out with the President and Vice President of America's Academy and advisory board. The class of 2012 contributed $37,200 in free therapy services to the Metro Denver Community. We are so proud of them!


"It is my honor to recommend Dr. Carol Ann Watson. Dr. Watson is one of the most compassionate teachers and therapists I know. She has an incredible energy about her and I am blessed to have had the pleasure of training under her, working for her and sharing her friendship.Dr. Watson was my counseling teacher at school and my mentor and supervisor after graduating. I have consulted with her on many issues and cases, inside and outside of psychotherapy, that she has offered direction and successful solutions for. I know that her years of experience are always available. She eagerly and lovingly contributes her vast knowledge and is a valuable tool to those entering the field. When Dr. Watson opened America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling & Hypnotherapy it brought a tremendous asset to the field. She has put together a team of wonderful leaders and teachers. I am proud to be a part of what will prove to be one of the best training programs available. the thought , care and integrity that Dr. Watson offers lends success to anything she takes on. I continue to look forward to her many years of success and teaching.
Tracy Jouett, CCH

"I have personally benefited from Dr. Carol Ann Watson's excellent performance of two different roles.First, I was a student of hers at the Denver School of Hypnotherapy, where she instructed our class in Basic and Advanced Counseling Skills.And now, I supervise students at America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling, and Hypnotherapy; the school Dr. Carol Ann has founded.Our evolving roles has given me an overview of Dr. Carol Ann's competence as an insightful instructor, and a visionary administrator.Dr. Carol Ann Watson is warm and caring. (while holding high expectations of her colleagues and students). She is remarkably well organized and disciplined (fundamental skills for facilitating the growth of others!), and she is a proven expert as a teacher, a professional and an administrator, in the multifaceted disciplines of Coaching, Counseling and Hypnotherapy." Robert Mulcahy, CHt

"Dr. Carol Ann Watson served as the project evaluator for a school reform initiative in which I was the project director. Her expertise, insight, and ability to communicate effectively gave us the right feedback information at the right time. Her excouragement reinforced teachers and school coaches, while her suggestions for opportunities that could be improved were spot on and led to even greater success in the project." Mike Bond, Executive Director for curriculum at Natrona County Schools, Casper, Wyoming had recommended her work as Executive Director at America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling, & Hypnotherapy.Testimonials regarding student's performance:In a message dated 10/30/2011 9:46:32 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

HI Carol,It has a been a week or two since I saw

student therapist number 1 at your office. He was great. I really think he is talented. He asked me to give some feedback and this is the email I have.So I thought he was confident and empathetic. He has a talent for creating a comfortable situation, understanding my issues I wanted to work on and then developing something that went beyond what I thought would happen. I was not sure what being hypnotized was and was not sure it would work for me in a classic sort of parlor trick way. I am very experienced in mindfulness meditation and I think my experience was similiar in ways. He was able to create something with me that became a physical sensation of sitting on a surf board. He took my issues of control and wanting to be able to let that need go and helped turn it into a physical sensation that I continue to be able to use. I can be standing or sitting and go back into a relaxed state by just feeling myself sitting on my surfboard and letting the wave roll under me. I can't control it but it is good. So I think he is a good person to do this. He clearly gets it and I am happy I came in and tried hypnosis. I will recommend it to my patients also.Jim Mosher MD, Denver, Colorado.

Dear Carol Ann, It sure was a pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience a hypnotherapy session with one of your thoroughly trained students. This student has a soothing voice that skillfully leads you into a complete stae of peaceful inner quiet not commonly reached in these hectic times. With her professional, yet gentle demeanor, she is certain to make anyone quickly feel at ease and totally comfortable with the process of self discovery and healing. Albertina Giuffre

"Carol Ann is one of the most honest, ethical people I have had the opportunity to encounter. she truly cares about people and is very focused on their best interest. I know if you have the opportunity to interact with her you will be better from the experience. Shari Hartz Associate Dean, College of America