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America's Academy of Coaching, Counseling & Hypnotherapy- Denver 

    Career Training & Continuing Education Mental Health

Phone 303-888-3205

Email: [email protected]

Below we have listed some of our Graduates.

500 hours Hypnotherapy Program:

Mark Helm, MD, Coa,Cht, Shari Hartz, M.A.,B.S., Cht, Jason Roe, COA, Cht, Joan Rebhan, Cht, Don Watson, Ph.D, M.A., B.S., COA,Cht, Melinda Helm, Cht, Susan Maham, M.S.,B.S.,Cht, Tina Giuffre, Practitioner or Religious Science,M.H., Master Herbalist,Cht, Reiki Master, Noreen Crites, AA, Cht.,Jill Renee Kregstein, M.A., B.S., Cht., Daria Mann, M.Ed., Cht, Kathy Johnson,Cht, Gaileen Crowell, Cht, Jennifer Hansen, B.S.,Cht.

Graduates 300 hour Hypnotherapy Program:

Faye Anne Hartz, AAS, AAT, COA, Cht, Jason Schneider,Cht., Sandra Shaw,M.S.,Cht, Susan Fay, Ph.D. Candidate, M.S., B.S-Summa Cum Laude, Cht., Jennifer Hansen, B.S., Cht, Daria Mann, M.A., B.S-High Honors, Cht.

Graduates 250 hour Hypnotherapy Program for Licensed Therapists:

David Miller, LPC, M.S, B.S.,Cht

Graduates 150 hour Hypnotherapy Program:

Joy Fox, Psy.D, M.S., B.S, Cht

Graduates of 100 hour Clinical Hypnotherapy Program, transferring hours into program:

Robert Mulcahy, M.S.,B.S, Cht.

Tony Warren, Cht

Graduates of 100 hour Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Program:

Holly Heidmann, Cht,

Some of the Graduates of Life Coaching Programs:

Mark Helm, M.D, Cht, COA.,Jason Roe, Cht, COA, Cari Ann Watson, COA, Anne Fogg, M.S., B.S., Cht, COA, Don Watson, Ph.D, M.A.,B.S., Cht.,COA, Faye Anne Hartz, AAS,AAT,Cht, COA.


Suzanne is a talented singer and musician. She performed for the Academy for their graduation, Cohort 2. She is absolutely incredible. If you want her to perform for you she is a professional singer. You may contact America's Academy for more information. Special thanks to Suzanne for an unbelievable performance. Her son Alex Morales was one of the graduates. So much talent in one family.

Graduates of America's Academy, November, 2012: Left to Right, Susan Maham, Spokanne, Washington, Tony Warren, Aurora, Colorado, Noreen Crites, Aurora, Colorado, Alex Morales, Aurora, Colorado, Joan Rebhan, Littleton, Colorado, Dr. Carol Ann Watson, President, Shari Hartz, Thornton, Colorado, Don Watson, Vice President, Education, Assessment, & Accountability. Six student graduated with 500 hours. One student, Tony Warren completed the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification with a transfer from another school. He will need the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Section to graduate with the 500 hours from America's Academy. Another student not pictured, Robert Mulcahy transferred in from another school and completed the Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification. We mourn the loss of Robert to a heart attack that was fatal. At this point as of January, 2016, the following students from this class are listed in the DORA Data Base as Registered Psychotherapists in the State of Colorado. They are Don Watson, Tony Warren, Shari Hartz, ,and Noreen Crites. Dr. Carol Ann Watson is a licensed psychologist #3473 with State of Colorado.

Cohort 3 Graduates are pictured here with Dr. Don Watson and Dr. Carol Ann Watson. Tina Giuffree and David Miller completed the program in 2013. David is a licensed professional counselor with over 20 years experience. Tina adds hypnotherapy to her portfolio as she is also a Reiki Master.